Not your Grandma's Chef

My journey to learn Chef

Posted by Louie Simpson on March 12, 2016

Time to Learn

So I decided it high time I learn Chef seeing as you can’t go 2 minutes without hearing the term when talking in the devops circles.

So I started reading the tutorials and in the first one was this “express your infrastructure policy”. I quite like that, I hadn’t thought of things that way before. My interest is definitely peeked.

What is it?

Chef is an infrastructure automation tool sometimes referred to as Infrastructure as Code. The bottom line is that Infrastructure automation allows for consistent ability to code, build, deploy and test our infrastructure in a repeatable and reliable manner.

What’s Next

So I plan to have a series of posts around Chef with this being the first one. Next up we will look at the Chef topology and talk about Servers and Nodes. Peace Out!

credit: ©Bowie15 | - Restaurant kitchen