N-Tiered Architecture?

Great your db server is on a different machine than your app server, now what?

Posted by Louie Simpson on December 10, 2015

N-tier Architecture

N-tier architecture what? LAMP stack what? We must stop the chaos, monothilic ui / middle tier / db layer architectures can’t sustain the growth of connected devices.

Micro-service architecture

SOA vs Micro-services

SOA was originally designed to be a platform agnostic method for passing packets between disparate systems. While Micro-services take a different approach, it builds on SOA but also simplifies and optimizes components in the enrterprise. Really Micro-services are a form of SOA for this decade.


The basic premise of a micro-service is that it is both lightweight and targeted in scope. A micro-service can developed in any number of languages. A micro-service should be able to scale horizontally in order to handle capacity at any given time and at scale. Scaling a micro-service should not affect any other micro-service or rely on any other service to be scaled with it.

Adding capacity to a Micro-service should be automated and the service should be able to scale out during busy times and scale back during slower times.


I think everyone would agree, the coming year will see exponential growth in the number of connected devices out there. No more is it a game of if the web server will crash, or if a db server will collapse on itself, it is when. Will you be prepared?